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The last five chapters of the popular series will be available on the platform starting on December 3.

The American entertainment company Netflix published this Thursday on its YouTube channel a video by way of farewell to the popular series ‘La casa de papel’ before the expected premiere of its finale, scheduled for December 3.

“‘The paper house’ ends and the word that explains this feeling was always in front of us”, it is said in the recording. “In Italian, ‘ciao’ means ‘goodbye’, but also ‘hello’. It’s a ‘ciao’ of goodbye to the series, but also a hello to the resistance“, Add.

In this sense, he assures that it is a ‘goodbye’ to the famous group of thieves and a ‘hello’ to fans around the world with red jumpsuits and Dalí masks, clothing that characterizes the protagonists of the program.

The video comes a day after the official Twitter account of Netflix Spain announce the names of the last five episodes: ‘Escape valves’, ‘Illusionary science’, ‘The theory of elegance’, ‘What is spoken in bed’ and ‘A family tradition’.

Last week, the platform published another video in which several actors from the series talk about volume 2 of part 5. “This season what I think is full of a absolute tension“, explained Álvaro Morte, who embodies the character of Sergio Marquina, better known as ‘The Professor’. “People are not going to be able to go to bed after seeing it. Any episode of these,” he added.

“We know that it will not disappoint the fans of the series,” said Rodrigo de la Serna, who plays the role of Martín Barroti (‘Palermo’). “We know that they are going to love it. What is coming is very powerful,” he said.

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