This Thursday, November 25, the president Ivan Duque made a harsh criticism and questioning against judges that seek to ‘overturn’ laws that have already passed through presidential sanctions.

This after it was known that the third administrative court of Bogotá rejected the annulments that were filed to overturn the ruling that froze the modification to the guarantees law.

Thus, this decision prevents the government of President Duque from continuing with its changes in the guarantee law, the modifications of which would allow the governors and mayors to execute contracts during the electoral period.

For this reason, from Barranquilla, in the middle of a meeting of the National Commission for Judicial Discipline, the president strongly criticized the judges issuing faults to stop laws that have already passed through Congress and the presidential sanction.

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For this reason, it is not possible to try to alter the capacity of the executive power to sanction and apply the laws that have taken their course.

It is not understood how rulings appear that seek to prevent compliance with a sanctioned law“said the president.

“Clearly, the demands from the articles and contents of the norms that must have their course through the system of action of guardianship can be established (…) But all law after having supplied the democratic and deliberative process, established in the Constitution, in the legislative body and after its approval must have the corresponding course, “he added.

Duque affirmed that “it is not possible to try to alter the capacity of the executive branch to sanction and enforce laws that have completed their course.”

For this reason, the president also celebrated that the Judicial Discipline Commission opened an investigation into this fact.

“I am glad that the Judicial Discipline Commission has opened investigations into these events, because beyond appearing in the current situation or beyond having to do with an event of immediate connotation, we are simply facing an unprecedented outrage,” he stressed.

The president pointed out that he hopes that the Commission can study and determine what the limits of the judges are in this matter.


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