November 25, 2021. Year One without Diego.

This Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of the death of Diego Armando Maradona, world soccer star. The ‘cosmic kite’ amazed locals and strangers on the courts: it became part of the World Cup stories after scoring the one considered ‘Best goal in the World’, led Napoli in Italy and was applauded by almost all the fans of the beautiful sport.

Despite the football legacy of the ’10’, Maradona did not dribble off the pitch the controversies and accusations with the same docility that he did in 86 against the six English players.

For many years, particularly after passing through Europe, Maradona was surrounded by various accusations for abuse, violence and drug use. The excesses were one of the reasons why he saw the sports retirement earlier than planned.

According to chronicles of the time, the officers reported the operation to journalists who covered the capture of ’10’ with spectacular views.

On the eve of Maradona’s one-year death, Mavys alvarez, who was Diego’s partner while he was in Cuba, spoke about the harassment to which she was subjected.

His explosive statements shook – even more – Maradona’s surroundings. One of his friends raised the issue.

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‘I decided to stay when there was no one, when there was no money’

Maradona statue

Maradona statue in Naples.

Stefano Ceci He was part of the Maradona environment for almost 20 years. He got to know him in Cuba in 2000, when he was just a fan waiting for a photo, a compliment, perhaps a signature on a shirt of his beloved Napoli.

However, as revealed by ‘Sputnik News’, a medium that managed to talk to Ceci, the young Italian began to travel more frequently to the island and, somehow, was a bedside witness of what actually happened in what was originally intended to be a season of drug treatment — and which, according to Ceci, became rather the darkest time of drug abuse.

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“Until that moment, in my life I had smoked a joint, a cigarette. Nothing, zero. Cleansed. When I arrived, Diego was taking cocaine”, He told in the interview with ‘Sputnik News’. “I decided to stay. Diego always appreciated that. I decided to stay when there was no one. When there was no money ”.

Ceci immediately went in to talk about the controversy that arose after the statements made by Mavys Álvarez, whom, she said, she met during the constant tasks while she was in Cuba. Nor did he deny that she was with Diego being only 16 years old, however, he said that “we were all with minors”.

“There in Cuba you don’t ask ‘how old are you?’ nor do you ask for documents. Besides, prostitution already starts from the age of 13. At that point we were all sailed (high). I don’t know why Mavys is coming out now (to speak). I saw her in Cuba at that time and there was a relationship“, he claimed.

What was the relationship between Diego and Mavys like? According to Ceci, “it may be” that Maradona induced her to do drugs, as she stated in recent interviews.

“I was already 26 years old, she was 16. But the family was there! The mother was there ”, emphasized the Italian.

'Maradona raped me while my mother was crying behind the door': Mavys Álvarez

Mavys Álvarez spoke about Maradona.

Upon the mistreatment occurred at that time and denounced by Mavys, Ceci said: “Diego can also be wrong. We were all with minors. I include myself”.

It is worth noting that Mavys Álvarez, now 40 years old, revealed that Diego abused her in the room.

“Maradona covered my mouth so I wouldn’t scream, so I wouldn’t say anything and he abused me. My mother came to see me that day at the house where we were in Havana and Diego did not want to open the room door for her. My mom knocked and he didn’t open it. He raped me. That’s what happened“Said Mavys in conversation with ‘Infobae’, an interview to which Ceci referred during her talk with ‘Sputnik News’.

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‘I divided Maradona and Diego. I respected it ‘

Diego was met by my mother, my wife and my baby. Nothing more. And that was because they traveled to Dubai. I divided Maradona and Diego. I respected him: Stefano Ceci

Ceci assured that he turned business partner of Maradona when he was in Dubai, in 2012. At that time the fan who one day came to the hotel in Cuba had become one of the right hands of the one who scored an iconic goal with the help of ‘the hand of God’.

The Italian, as he said, has been singled out for having a percentage of Maradona’s inheritance, however, “my contract says that Maradona’s post-mortem is still in force and that the grantor continues to receive 50% through the heirs”, He recounted.

“On November 28 I organize the tribute at the Napoli stadium with the Maradona statue that I will donate. Do you think that if I were a scammer, Napoli would sit with me? ”He said.

The controversial earnings that he continues to receive even a year after Maradona’s last goodbye have given rise to various controversies. He, he said, is willing to go to court since it is not illegal.

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I have everything signed by Maradona, will of Maradona, by notary. I replied that I preferred to go to trial. I have money. The problem is they have no money. If they take the rights to the image, they take the chip out of my brain. Half of my life I shared with Maradona. I’m not looking for money ”, he indicated in the talk with ‘Sputnik News’.

“I knew that Diego would be bothered if he spoke to the media. I met Maradona in 2000. My family does not have any photos with him. I have six brothers and 24 nephews. None of them have a photo with him. Diego was met by my mother, my wife and my baby. Nothing more. And that was because they traveled to Dubai. I divided Maradona and Diego. I respected it”, He concluded.

Maradona: lights and shadows

Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona died when he was still directing Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata.

This Thursday, November 25, the cities of Naples and Buenos Aires —To name a few— they dressed in blue to commemorate the memory of one of the most beloved athletes of recent years.

A year ago, as many football fans recall, the planet of the goal was shaken when the news of Diego’s death was known even days after his dangerous passage through the operating room.

Since then, although there are those who still sob singing their goals with a wounded cry, everything was opened a judicial process for his death. For many, especially those around him, there are some loose ends in Maradona’s passing.

At this time there are seven medical specialists charged for alleged incidence in the death of ’10’. “The defendants are the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, the psychologist Carlos Díaz, the nurses Ricardo Almiron and Dahiana Madrid; their boss Mariano Perroni and the coordinator of Swiss Medica Nancy Forlini ”, indicated the specialized media ‘Marca’.

The investigation against them led to the collection of at least 80 testimonies and the analysis of Maradona’s medical history during the last 20 years.

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