Today most of the content we consume is through streaming, and that nowadays more and more people go to platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime, among others, to enjoy their series, movies, events favorite sports or documentaries. In addition, the common trend is to use increasingly large televisions to bring us closer to a cinema experience from the living room. However, the closest thing to having a hundred at home is making use of a projector like this BenQ GV30, a portable model that we can get now from oferta in the Amazon.

It is a small-sized projector that makes it easy for us to place it anywhere in the living room and that we can easily remove and install if we cannot leave it fixed in any corner. Oui that is a model that has dimensions of only 12×19,58×18,5cm and it weighs just over 1.5 kilograms. That is, a portable projector with which to enjoy images between 30 and 120 inches wherever we want.

Any content on a screen up to 120 ″

Among all the features or specifications of this model, it should be noted that the BenQ GV30 has Android TV, sound Extra bass, speaker Bluetooth, a wide projection angle, universal connectivity and up to 30,000 hours of LED life.

With this smart projector it is possible to enjoy a cinema experience anywhere we go thanks to its realistic colors and a great sound system. Oui that it is a model with Integrated 2.1 channel speaker It features two 4W midrange tweeters and an 8W woofer. A speaker with optimized modes that improve the audio quality of all types of content.

Its small size and wide 135 degree projection angle make it a very versatile model in terms of location. An easy-to-install projector with autofocus and keystone correction adjustable up to 135 degrees.

Now, one of the great advantages of this BenQ GV30 projector is that it has Android TV and Google certificate, which provides one-click access to all the most popular apps with streaming content available on Google Play. También ofrece the transmission through AirPlay y Chromecast, so we can enjoy photos, videos, music and other content on the big screen.

BenQ GV30 portable projector on sale

The official price for this portable projector is 599 euros, but thanks to Amazon’s Black Friday 2021 offers, we can now get it with a discount of 60 euros. Therefore, your final sale price is 539 euros. The offer includes free shipping and a delivery time of a couple of business days for Amazon Prime customers and three business days for other users.

Amazon lets you pay for this BenQ projector fr comfortable installments at 0% interest. Specifically, it is possible to pay it in 12 installments of 44.92 euros per month.

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