Monitors are a must have in PC gaming – or even for consoles, if you don’t have a TV. It’s tempting to invest in that extra screen to increase productivity or juggle windows. Heck, some people even have three monitors or one of those lined up vertically on the side.

Fortunately, Black Friday has arrived and offers deals on these necessary investments. Here are some tips and deals on gaming monitors to get you started.

What kind of monitor should I buy?

Not all monitors work the same. For example, OLED displays enhance visuals with technology that individually adjusts pixels instead of relying on a backlight. Some handheld game enthusiasts felt that this was reason enough to buy the Nintendo Switch OLED model. So the same logic applies to monitors. Those who don’t need that extra boost should settle for a standard LED display. OLED monitors also tend to be more expensive.

Many offerings also feature curved monitors, which have a concave screen instead of a flat screen. These monitors provide gamers with immersive depth perception experiences and offer a wider field of view than similarly sized flat monitors. They can also help conserve desk space and relieve eye strain depending on the design. Still, those with modest needs might prefer flat monitors and not see the need for curved monitors.

Keep these details in mind for the following offers. We will be updating this list of Black Friday Gaming Monitor offers throughout the holiday season. Good shopping!

Current offers on gaming monitors

Retailers will likely restock sold out items and reveal discounts on even more monitors in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. Be sure to bookmark this page to follow our updates and follow our friends Jelly Deals on Twitter for good measure.

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