It is likely that the first version of Apple’s 5G modem, whose delivery could take place in 2023, will not be integrated into the next A17 chip from the firm Apple.

In 2019, when Apple bought the remainder of Intel’s modem business, it was clear that at one point or another, the manufacturer would do without Qualcomm modems. This day is fast approaching, according to a new report. Indeed, according to Japanese business newspaper Nikkei Asia, Apple has asked TSMC to produce its new modem, which will be manufactured using 4-nanometer engraving technology.

Qualcomm’s X60, a modem that currently powers the iPhone 13, is built using a 5nm process. The report states that production of the new modem will start in 2023. Also according to this information, Apple has built its modem from scratch with its own radio frequency and millimeter wave components, as well as a power management chip. custom, but the first iteration may not be built into the processor.

Energy efficient and space saving

Last week, DigiTimes reported that Apple’s first 5G modem would be separated from the A17 and Nikkei Asia seems to confirm this, specifying that the modem produced in 2023 would pave the way for integration with the processor, which suggests that the first model will be separated from the chip. If this does happen, it will be the first time Apple has produced a 5G in-processor modem for the iPhone. On high-end Android phones, the X60 modem is built into Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor, but Apple uses it separately from the iPhone 13’s A15 processor.

An integrated modem would offer advantages in terms of energy efficiency and space saving. After settling its 2019 legal dispute with Qualcomm, Apple signed a multi-year agreement to supply chips with the supplier, and mainly a 5G modem for the iPhone and iPad. But, when reporting its financial results, Qualcomm announced that it would only supply 20% of iPhone modems by 2023, suggesting that Apple is indeed on the cusp of producing its own. modem by then.

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