It is a sign of fate, of heaven. Some may see the hand of God there … One year to the day after the death of world idol Diego Armando Maradona, a 39-year-old Argentinian had the joy of being the father of a son. The temptation was therefore too strong, the opportunity too good, to pay homage to the «Pibe del Oro».

So the happy daddy decided to call his son « Diego ». The latter will leave the hospital in Buenos Aires in a few days and will join a home where his 10-year-old twin sisters, named… Mara and Dona, are already waiting for him.

Walter Rotundo explained to AFP this week that he had never met Maradona, but that he had sent her, ten years ago, a photo of his twins born from a previous union, explaining that their first names were a tribute. The champion had responded by sending back a photo of himself, holding this photo of Mara and Dona. An image that Walter suddenly got tattooed on his back.

Walter has since nurtured the dream of having Diego, Mara (and) Dona in his family, and when his partner Victoria – herself a die-hard Maradona – got pregnant, they realized the term could fall on her birthday. idol, and agreed that it would be, no matter what, that day, by Caesarean section even if it lacked romance. But passion is stronger than anything …

Thursday evening, Walter Rotundo therefore confirmed to AFP by telephone that the baby “Diego Amado” (beloved Diego) was indeed born in the afternoon in Buenos Aires, a beautiful baby of 4.05 kilos, who is doing well like his mother, and will join his sisters by Sunday at the family home.

“It’s a day when so many people are sad because of Maradona, I’m sad too, but it changes things so much, he explained. For me, this November 25 will always be the anniversary of the death of Diego (Maradona), but it will also be my son’s birthday in the future. ”

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