Being a miss can quickly become a nightmare. Between the different meetings established by communication and the different trips, the misses are quickly subject to fatigue. This was seen recently when a candidate for Miss France fell victim to discomfort in Reunion.

What daily life for a Miss France?

The course is extremely long and difficult to have the chance to become a Miss France. Between the different selections and the different objectives to be achieved, sometimes it is very difficult to keep up.

In addition, when the candidates reach the final stage of their journey. In other words, when they become Miss France, the daily life is greatly upset. For this, it is necessary to know that to reach this stage, it is necessary that the candidates participate in different selections. This therefore involves different aspects of their daily lives which will be greatly modified.

Between the competitions, and the various interviews, it is possible that the latter are a little overwhelmed by the events.

Once the stage is reached, we must now bear the heavy responsibility of being Miss France. You should know that this stadium is wanted by all the candidates and that it is also a dream that dates back many years.

But the daily life of a Miss France is very busy, and good different from the one the candidates knew. In other words, you have to expect to have to be on the front of the stage at all times. You must also be prepared to participate in television shows by respecting certain codes and outfits.

A Miss Regional victim of discomfort!

Before becoming a Miss France, you have to go through the regional stage. Today, the candidates are Miss Regional and not Miss France, which will happen for one of them by the end of the year.

For this, different steps are necessary to train them, and it was on November 17 that the 29 contenders flew to the island of Reunion.

Different trips are necessary for young women to be able to position themselves at the top of this competition. So, on this trip, the conditions are not that simple.

Different misses have already expressed themselves on this subject, highlighting the difficulty of their assistance. Recently, two Miss who spoke on this subject: ” Frankly, from the outside, our loved ones believe that with the Miss’s trip, we spend our days on the beach in swimsuits but, in reality, we never stop, we get up at dawn and we don’t is in a swimsuit only for the photoshoots« .

Thus, the candidates had the right to different activities, such as kayaking or fishing. The daily life being well filled, they must get up at dawn, and their days are busy.

Thereby, a Miss was the victim of discomfort as she walked into the building for the makeup session. It’s Miss Tahiti 2021, who suffered this inconvenience. Afterwards, the teams and the other candidates helped her position her against a wall so that she could come to her senses.

A scene that still makes you think about the conditions of the Miss and their busy schedule!

How to become Miss France?

Becoming Miss France is something that is very difficult and that is not given to everyone.

Some have already regretted their experience of Miss France, not supporting the rhythmic daily life and the criticisms during each gap.

So, to become Miss Regional and next Miss France, you should know that several steps are necessary. To do this, they must first begin in competitions at the departmental level, then at the regional level.

These competitions allow them to make themselves known and climb the stairs one by one. Once they are candidates for the last step, which is to be Miss France, they must learn certain gestures.

This is how they spend different courses to be able to know the way it takes to adopt the step and the approach of the Misses.. General culture tests are also specified and which also play in the competition.

A difficult course awaits the candidates, and for the one who will have the chance to wear the crown, another difficult and strewn path will present itself!

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