The thirst for revenge of Wendy Lynn Wein, a 52-year-old woman who wanted to kill her ex-husband, was torpedoed by a website that offered the service of hit men.

Claiming that her former husband was a “pedophile,” Wein searched in 2020 for some way to end her life under the greatest possible secrecy.

The platform ‘Rent-A-Hitman’, which promises on its homepage to ‘end any troubled relationship’ with ‘confidentiality’, was the most realistic option he found.

(What’s more: She worked as a bricklayer for years and managed to pay for her studies to be a lawyer).

The testimony of Laura S., an apparent client of the place, who told how she found her husband cheating on the babysitter and that “a consultation with the web” helped him to ‘end’ the relationship, it did not inspire any major doubts.

Confident, she gave the information of the home address of her ex-partner, her work hours and more personal details that compromised her intentions before a ‘worker’ of the page.

What Wein was not expecting is that, behind the $ 5,000 deal (20 million pesos) who reached an agreement with the alleged hitman, a police operation was hiding that was going to find his capture.

Now, according to the laws of Michigan, in the United States, you must pass a minimum of nine years in prison on the charges of ‘solicitation of murder’ and ‘use of a computer to commit crimes’.

In January 2022 his sentence will be known.

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‘Hire a hitman’, the play on words that led to a judicial hook

This is the ‘main’ of the page that offers the false service of hiring hitmen.

Behind the web page that supposedly offers the service of hit men hides Bob Innes.

This man, whose age is over 40, decided to dedicate himself to computer services after not being able to join the United States Police.

As he told ‘Rolling Stone’, the idea of ​​’Rent-A-Hitman’ was born in 2005 as a project to offer cybersecurity studies to clients under the idea of ​​’hiring a hit man’.

What he never imagined is that people would literally understand the meaning of the word ‘Hitman’ and seek him out to assassinate dozens of people with whom they would have ‘problems’.

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Ante la huge number of requests To commit homicides (the ‘Washington Post’ estimates that there have been about 700), Innes concluded that the best thing was to inform the official authorities of the situations.

This has been done with the requests of “ex-boyfriends after bad breakups” or “students who want to kill their teachers.”

“There have probably been about a dozen cases that ended in arrests with the authorities, ”he said in dialogue with the aforementioned magazine.

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It featured hitmen on a website;  then denounced the interested parties

‘Guido’ is the name by which Iness identifies herself on her portal. In the photo, one of the false testimonies.

About the dangers of keeping the website afloat, especially in the face of possible retaliation, Iness says fear cannot cloud what has already become a “personal mission to save the lives of other people who may not even know they are in danger.”

To date, he has already received messages from people in “More than 160 countries”.

Questioned by his perception of that particular ‘success’ of his platform, Iness believes that everything is related to serious mental illnesses because “everyone has their own story in mind. And unfortunately, my website is like a magnet for those who are hell-bent on causing harm to others. “

Your page is just a ‘screen’ and not a reality.

Despite knowing its nature, and having been in business for more than 15 years, there are still ‘interested’ in acquiring its misinterpreted services.

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