The Spanish MotoGP rider Álex Márquez (Honda) has assured that despite having lived moments of “hitting bottom” in this past 2021 World Championship with a motorcycle that started badly and whose improvements were late, he is looking forward to next year after checking in the Jerez tests that the new bike, totally different from the previous one, has a “base and potential” to grow from already competitive times.

“Honda is the brand that will change the most in 2022, the motorcycle has been completely changed and now we have to understand it, because we understood the previous base, but it had reached the ceiling. The important thing is to go in the right direction and from the beginning the times are competitive. There is base and there is potential “, he celebrated from the Rufea circuit (Lleida), scene of the sixth Allianz Junior Motor Camp.

Álex Márquez assured that he likes to see things as they are and “without filters.” “It has not been a good season, from the beginning I expected much more. There have been problems with the bike, moments of hitting bottom, then it was solved but the evolutions came a little later. You learn from difficult moments, I value as a rider always getting out the positive side, “he was honest.

So, with what he learned in 2021 and the improvements that Honda predicted from the 2022 prototype, he hopes to improve. “As a pilot I have learned many things and I have been able to grow a lot in this 2021 World Championship, difficult moments make you be more complete and value things more. I continue with the same motivation as always to look to the future and with things clear,” he said.

“I don’t like to be very positive looking to the future, I like to be positive looking at the past and learning from things. But the future is exciting, we were in Jerez with the 2022 prototype and excited. It is a very new motorcycle, but from the outset the base is very good and there is a lot of potential. Honda has a lot of work ahead of it in winter, but the pilots agreed on what to work on, and it is important that Honda has clear priorities and objectives, “said the Catalan.

In addition, at LCR Honda, a “smaller and more familiar” team that he also values ​​after passing and making his MotoGP debut with the Repsol Honda Team, listen to him and serve him with the changes he asks for. “Changes have been requested that will work and I feel very comfortable, honestly. For 2022 I do not think we will start with a disadvantage, the other way around,” he repeated.


Álex Márquez presented this Thursday at the Rufea Circuit (Lleida) the sixth edition of the Allianz Junior Motor Camp, in which this time his brother and eight-time world champion Marc Márquez are not present, at his home in Cervera after suffering a new episode of diplopia (double vision) after a fall training that made him miss the last two rounds of the last MotoGP World Championship. However, Marc is confident that he will be able to visit the campus in the next few days.

An Allianz Junior Motor Camp in which twenty pilots are present – seventeen boys and three girls between 10 and 13 years old – from various places in Spain and some from Andorra, without children from abroad due to coronavirus restrictions . Along with Álex Márquez, they act as teachers on the circuit José Luis Martínez (the ‘sparring’ and Marc Márquez’s assistant =, José Luis Carrión (Álex Márquez’s assistant) and the Spanish MX1 rider Rubén Fernández.

“I am delighted to be here and to disconnect with the children, who are usually ashamed on the first day and then have to be stopped. Hopefully we will ride on several circuits, if it stops raining, but they are already able to train. After not being able to do so last year I’m delighted because this is my vacation, “said Álex Márquez at a press conference.

Despite the fact that in three days they will not be able to “make a champion” of the present, the one from Cervera was delighted to be able to train future champions in values, although “it is more to give values ​​to all the things they see here and security such as fastening the helmet well, doing things well “. “And above all that they have a great time in an unforgettable experience. They are three days that fly by. And hopefully we will have another champion come out of here some year, which has already been,” he said.

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