A indigenous girl she was forced to marry a boy, also a minor, in the municipality of Cochoapa el Grande, Guerrero, Mexico.

The police authorities captured her and imprisoned her for several hours before her escape, according to human rights organizations.

The minor has been identified as Anayeli. She is 14 years old and belongs to the Na Savi indigenous community.

Payment of 200 thousand Mexican pesos

According to the complaint Tlachinollan Mountain Human Rights Center, the girl’s father was murdered and, therefore, her mother had to go into debt to pay the funeral expenses.

The family, then, has gone through financial difficulties.

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The girl’s cousin, allegedly, would have agreed to marry a 16-year-old boy. This Monday, November 22, Anayeli was going to receive a visit from those who would be her in-laws to formalize the marriage.

That day the family was going to pay 200 thousand Mexican pesos (about 37 million Colombian pesos) for the commitment.

She steeled herself to run away from home

However, the girl fled and took refuge in one of the neighboring houses. The police from the indigenous community arrived there and arrested her.

“Because of this slight, they deprived of her freedom a minor who was unaware of her cousin’s agreements, much less knew which child they would marry her to. When he found out, he plucked up the courage to flee his home, ”the organization wrote in a statement.

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The entity received an anonymous call that alerted them to the situation and led them to go to the community together with the State Attorney General’s Office and the State Human Rights Commission.

The girl is 14 years old and is part of the Na Savi indigenous community.

In this way the release of Anayeli was achieved, who spent almost 24 hours in her confinement. She was transferred to a care center for minors of the National System for the Integral Development of Families (DIF).

“We are giving them all the attention, all the psychological support,” he said. Evelyn Salgado Pineda, Governor of the state of Guerrero, speaking with the local newspaper ‘El Heraldo’.

Marriage in exchange for money

Nothing can go above the Constitution and respect for human rights

The practice of forcing girls and women to marry in exchange for money or some kind of ‘reward’ is frequent in the indigenous communities of the Warrior status, according to the Tlachinollan Center.

However, the laws of Mexico prohibit the marriage of minors under 18 years of age. Also, Law 701, by which the ancestral peoples of Guerrero are recognized, indicates that “indigenous women have the right to freely and voluntarily choose their partner.”

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Given this, Governor Salgado announced the joint work with social and international entities, such as the United Nations, to eradicate the practice.

“Law 701 itself indicates that nothing can go above the Constitution and respect for human rights and, based on that, we are going to act,” he told local media.

Child marriage

Mexican laws prohibit child marriage.

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Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the president of Mexico, referred several weeks ago to cases similar to what happened with Anayeli.

“Child trafficking or prostitution is not the generality of what happens in communities, as it is sometimes presented in the media. So, (they say) ‘in La Montaña de Guerrero girls are sold.’ No, it may be the exception, but not the rule, because there are many values ​​in the villages”, Assured the president at a press conference.

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