HELLBOUND Ending Explained | Full Series Breakdown, Review And Season 2 Theories. We review, recap and explain Netflix’s new Korean Horror show Hellbound. We talk about the ending and also give our review on the series as a whole.

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0:00 Hellbound Breakdown Intro
0:36 Hellbound Season 1 Themes And Analysis
3:17 Hellbound Recap
7:44 Hellbound Ending Explained Part 1
8:43 Hellbound Ending Explained Part 2
11:29 Hellbound Review

Ok so Hellbound is a fascinating short series that is laced with social commentary on cults, religious orders and big monsters.


Based on the webtoon of the same name the first season has just released on Netflix and throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking down the story, twists and it’s ending.

Person watching this, you are bound to be spoiled in the next 15 seconds so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out then I highly recommend that you check out now. If you enjoy the video then please smash the thumbs up button an make sure you subscribe for more videos like this every day.

With that out the way thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into Hellbound.

Ok so Hellbound is split up into two parts. It’s very much a sort of Before Christ and After Death situation in which the former section deals with the creation of a new religion and it’s leader spreading the message before dying at the end. The latter deals with the religions powers, how it’s integrated into every facet of society and also the corruption within it.

At it’s core though Hellbound’s concept is pretty simple.

One day people witness a quote unquote angel that appears before them, states they are bound for hell and then says the exact time that they will die. Upon reaching this time, giant hulking black monsters will appear and brutally rip the person apart before burning them in a blinding glow.

No one really knows what they are and outside of them being completely unstoppable we learn very little about them. I’ve seen lots of theories on the monsters ranging from them being demons instructed by the devil to aliens to even being a curse, controlled by someone we’re yet to encounter.

There’s absolutely no escape and even people who end their own lives find their spirits pulled to hell the as was decreed.

The point of the show though is that we are very much like the characters in that we have absolutely no idea what’s going on and it’s all open to interpretation. To me this is very much a comment on religion as a whole and the world is full of people that take religious texts, interpret them their own way and say that these are the rules that must be followed.

Being raised a Christian I’ve watched how the religion has changed over the last 30 years when it comes to things like sexuality and even the pope within the last decade has come out and said that animals go to heaven even though there was a long period when they didn’t.

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43 thought on “HELLBOUND Ending Explained | Full Series Breakdown, Review And Season 2 Theories | NETFLIX”
  1. Let us know your thoughts on the show below. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq3hT5JPPKy87JGbDls_5BQ?sub_confirmation=1

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  2. Its an interesting series, and I enjoyed watching it. But, I am yet to understand what those three demons signify, and I think that explaining that will help me understand the series more. Good acting , good directing, with good originality.
    really love it, cant wait for season 2!!

  3. They should put also some trials of army and scientists to resolve the mystery behind this pheneomenom. They never mentioned those other people than religious clans and ordinary people.

    …….also, long comment alert, but it's 315 AM by me, and I JUST finished the show, my mind is RACING, and i have no one to talk to about it, lol… so if anyone is nice enough to hang in there and read this all, and actually replies and wants to mix it up, THANK YOU!! (Subsequent replies won't be long)
    OK So happy fun time intro is over, cuz MAN was this show BRUTAL. Those Satanic CavityCreeps were fcukin RUTHLESS, and seeing how badly they beat the ever lovin piss AND shit out of people, before they magnesium burn someone to 95% ash, 5% overcooked ribs…. but the ArrowHead was just as bad, and when they friggin beat that poor 80 year old woman with cancer TO DEATH with aluminum bats AND showed/didn't cut away/zoomed in on the one guy giving the full golf swing with the bat aka the death blow to the back of her head, I even shuttered a little and said out loud "Yeah I won't be showing my girl this show, this will haunt her…." The show def ain't for everyone…

    As for actual plot and stuff, didnt the couple at the end saving their baby defeat their own purpose? If at the end, after the final 2 "demonstrations" we see, crazy ol' Deacon Monotone RoboFaith didn't go buck wild on Contestant 001 (Squid Game, 😉 ) in full view of the crowd and interwebs, New Truth could've just covered it up and/or say "see, that Decree video that former lawyer showed was a fake! God would never kill a baby, blah blah blah"… not that I wanted to see Demonic Cavity Creeps triple team a 9 day old baby, bloody it, stab it, semi-crucify it, then disintegrate it, but part of me kept thinking "Do they have the balls to go thru with this? They actually BETTER have the balls, and expose those evil fcuks, but more importantly, they BETTERRRRRR NOT SHOW IT, AT ALL, except the ash"… so just based on that twist with the newborn, I'm excited for season 2, let alone the reincarnation stuff at the VERY end…
    Some frustrating scenes, like when I was screaming at the screen when they tied that one dude up on the stretcher to burn alive, and instead of blurring out THEYRE GONNA KILL A BRAND NEW BORN BABY!!! for the 90 seconds he had before he was served, he kept going WAIT, LET ME TALK, YOU GOTTA LISTEN TO ME, JUST LISTEN, THEN U CAN KILL ME, JUST LET ME TALK GIVE ME A SECOND, GIVE ME A SECOND lmao… u coulda exposed the whole evil plot, maybe saved yourself if those guys had a change of heart… which brings me to my final point….
    Dealing with Sin & Righteousness, Control, power, fear, and most dangerous of all, what a person BELIEVES in their heart, especially religion… I kept asking myself, "if this was the real world, and we saw on the news, or in person, 3 giant unstoppable monsters, tear someone apart, burn em to a crisp, then vanish into thin air, in the name of GOD, decreeing who is or isn't a sinner and thus punished and SENT TO HELL, the damn FRENZY the world would turn into, is just terrifying. It'd be one huge global civil war/Spanish Inquisition II… and the ones who believed their whole life, or instantly fell to their knees and believed, repented, and converted, may NEVER think differently no matter what—- so why do I keep hoping to see converts having their eyes opened and going AGAINST the New Church? People have, and will, DIE for their BELIEFS… so while the TV fan in me wanted to see some "Deacons" or ArrowHeads turn around and say NO, WE'RE WRONG, WE'RE THE SINNERS!, I also have to appreciate the human/realism element to it, in that these people live only for greed and power, and murder "in the name of God," but will never see themselves as the villain, the sinner, the one in the wrong…

    Hopefully they explore this in season 2, as I'm sure people will turn against New Truth by the millions, or double down and even more strongly back and FIGHT for their NEW TRUTH/BELIEF… but what about the one's in the middle, who still believe the monsters are following God's orders and sending these people to Hell, but recognize that New Truth, and humans in general, are corrupt, manipulative, money hungry, scumbags, and THEY now must do something to stop another Church/Religion built on corruption, but to make sure they don't themselves becomes the evil murdering sinners???
    Lot to explore in the next season(s), that's for sure. And I'll bet they never expected this kind of buzz and popularity so they'll go back to the drawing board and really try to ramp things up and make the audience think—- just so long as they don't ramp up the brutal violence lol…. I CAN take it, but some people may rage quit if the Satanic, More Steroid'd up Drax The Destroyers wind up, i don't know, beating the snot out of a quadriplegic war veteran, and when they burn his body, they accidentally spread the fire and it burns down a hospital for severe burn victim kids who survived fires themselves 😆

  5. Its an okay series. Not an S but not a B+ either. More like an A-. For once, there's nothing that memorable about the episodes except when the mom and dad saved their baby. Also, the detective substory is the weakest link for me. I hoped he would still be a part of the later episodes like the lawyer, trying to live by the guilt of knowing the truth and seeing his reactions as the Arrowheads commit their crimes, but he just upped and disappeared. Like, there's a build up of conflict on his story but no ending whatsoever. Its as if the detective was just there to get the main plot going but then he got discarded afterwards.

  6. I watch alot of sci-fi and horror films. I'm rarely effected by scary scenes but I'll give K-Producers huge props. They have some dark minds over there in Korea. Perfect example is in (Season 1,Episode 2) when they put the old guy in the Cremation hole and burned him alive. That part fucked me up for days, his screams literally haunted my dreams. That's a horrible way to go. I can't wait to see what the next season brings.

  7. My theory here is that, these monsters, they are some creatures of old times, forgotten ones, like godzilla and kong in their respective movies. I'm guessing that someone is able to communicate or summon them by rituals, and that person/organization put these projectors or holographic image of a face talking when or what time a certain person will die. We can consider this person/org as a "Light Yagami" who wants to change the world but they decided to make experiments first, to control their newlyfound power.

  8. Out of all the theories, I liked the professor’s the most: it’s just like an earthquake, something random and natural— but yeah I can see how that could be uninteresting. The series reminds me of Christopher Hitchens’ God is Not Great (he’s an iconic journalist and author imo).

  9. Good show with a few minor flaws. I never understood why chairman jung (the first chairman) wanted to have the lawyer woman killed. He was a con but he seemed to want to help the world so why murder her? I didn't really understand why he killed that other murderer either. Didn't seem to fit his character. There was a few other issues i had with the show but overall, pretty good.

  10. Finally an "ending explained" video that told me something new! Phew those are hard to find, most are just clickbait recap videos at best, but I'm sure you know that.
    One thing I was thinking throughout the last episode was, it's a test.
    Unless we're shown it's a extra-dimensional military experiment or something like that, we can all say it's clearly supernatural. The question is why is it happening, how does it pick its victims, and if it really is just a malicious force, why give the warning.
    It's a test for humanity. To see whether we would stand up to it and try to protect others, even if it seems futile. That's why we only see the first ressurection after non-condemned people give their lives to protect an innocent one.
    Now I didn't read the webtoon, so feel free to call me an idiot, but that's what I came away with 🙂

  11. Spoiler Alert. … Mg opinioni… The Reborn of the park at the end Is cause the demons kill 2 people (the parents of the child) instead of One… So bring to much souls to hell… One return back… Why that and not other i don t know… What do you think about? Greetings from italy

  12. Death, judgement, and public execution in public and broadcasting the video all over the world is more ISIS ideology than Christians.
    Using fear to control the population is what any government or cult will do.
    Humans are more scarier than some imaginary super being.

    Another amazing series from South Korea.

  13. Such a thought provoking series that compels me to watch it over again. I didn't feel that compulsion with Squid game since i sensed towards the ending, i knew where the drama is heading. Hellbound hits different but in a really good way.

  14. The man in the taxi. I know this isnt a stable point but the taxi driver at the end got alot of screen time possibly foreboding something and as someone who has watched kdramas for 4 years, I was a bit suspicious due to the camera work and screen time. Maybe the taxi driver was kyunghun after the 4 years (he looks different cause he aged) and it kind of puts an end to all this (season 1 at least) showing how things are going with him. I'm not rrly sure tho just my weak theory lmao 😭😂 also maybe he was lying about the direction and taking them somewhere safe ??? Sorry I just have so much theories on this 💀😭😭

  15. The story of this pathetic show is so one sided…nothing about the angel or those 3 cgi black monsters
    Too much drama bs but NOTHING about the interesting part of the series, don't even know why everyone hyping this so much lmao