After the acquisition of Caringo and its object storage solution at the start of the year, Datacore is strengthening its solutions portfolio with the acquisition of the start-up MayaData to offer companies a tool capable of managing the persistent storage of containers.

With the takeover of the start-up MayaData, in which it had already acquired nearly 50% of its capital, the storage specialist Datacore completes its portfolio with the OpenEBS solution, an open source platform capable of very finely managing persistent storage for Kubernetes. . “OpenEBS is already generating over a million downloads per month, many companies are already using the MayaData product, and we will be announcing an enterprise version with similar support to what we are offering with Datacore,” he told us. ‘an interview in the Paris region of Dave Zabrowski, CEO of Datacore. The publisher organized its Datacore Days 2021 on November 18 and 19 in Cély en Bière with nearly 200 people (customers, partners and journalists). “We completed the acquisition of MayaData last night, after several months of discussions, it is a strategic takeover for Datacore”, explained the manager. Direct competitors of MayaData include Rancher Labs, Robin.IO or Portworx (now at Pure Storage) and initiatives at major storage solution providers.

The OpenEBS solution generates one million downloads every month.

Founded in 2017 and based in San Francisco, MayaData has sixty employees in California, but also in Bangalore, India, for the engineering part. Datacore intends to join this team very quickly to strengthen its platform which already includes SANsymphony for block mode (SAN), vFILIO for file mode (NAS), Swarm for object mode, and finally OpenEBS for the management of persistent storage of containers. Among the start-up’s clients are Bloomberg, Digital Ocean and the Indian FlipCard. “The idea at Datcore is to serve the needs of existing applications and to support the creation of containerized applications with OpenEBS”, specified the CEO of Datacore. “There are still two years containers were a vision, today it is the best way to deploy apps. All companies will deploy containerized apps, Kubernetes frameworks have exploded with persistent storage needs ”. Datacore’s plane control will therefore evolve with the arrival of a container panel ”, added Said Boukhizou, EMEA technical director of Datacore.

The Datacore console will host in the coming months a panel to manage the persistent storage of containers following the acquisition of MayaData. (SL credit)

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