Uprooting his family after being assigned to a remote testing facility in Alabama, nuclear engineer and dedicated military man Hank Marshall (Tommy Lee Jones, “Hope Springs”) is faced with a moral decision as an opponent of the atmospheric tests he’s asked to complete. Adding to an already volatile situation is Hank’s sultry wife, Carly (Jessica Lange, in an Oscar®-winning performance) whose mental instability and flirtatious nature begins to erode their relationship and bring unwanted attention to the situation. Rounding out the cast is Powers Boothe (“Red Dawn”) as Vince Johnson, the focus of Carly’s carnal desire, and Carrie Snodgress (“Murphy’s Law”) as Vera, Vince’s long-suffering wife.


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28 thought on “Blue Sky”
  1. Great movie. Can't remember seeing it before, but glad I watched it. Great performances by all the actors, especially Jessica Lange. One of the great actresses of our time. Very underrated. And Tommy Lee was great as usual. Powers Boothe played a great bad guy. Wanted to kill him! Can't believe how young everyone was, especially Chris O'Donnell, just a kid! Terrific movie, would definitely watch it again!

  2. This movie it showed the blind patriotism of cowboys and others during this time. So many people were exposed to radiation poisoning, cancer, and lingering death.
    People thought it was patriotic and necessary in order to win the “cold war“.
    In fact, there were no winners. The whole world lost a chance at lasting peace at the end of World War II.

  3. I love this movie and I like the intro music I like old music I’m a old soul and I like how Jessica Lange character try’s act like marylyn Monroe and you can see marylyn Monroe in the opening I just lovee this movie 🌝👏 and the ending I love happy ending ✨✨✨

  4. I hate movies and Hollywood but men like this exist and they are not rational they are empirical which means they have a higher rate of success in actualizing their endeavors which by choice they know few do (seriously, do you know what that would be) so why he fuck not Still it is just a movie but they are out there I've seen them, of all ages, & they really love their wives & it is so much cooler to see than husbands & wives that are just weaponized puppets that misrepresent us to the world You cannot have whatever you want like most people think but if you really care & you have self respect you can have what you want if you know what that is & consistently Keeping people & yourself healthy is really the only priority that matters

  5. Never trust an adulterer.
    They’ll do it against
    It’s in their nature.
    The way she calls him daddy n the way she acts, outbursts like a child, attention seeking behavior, immaturity, dissociative disorder…She’s definitely has several psych issues.

    Good movie. Jus totally unrealistic. Poor kids they’ll be wrought w/issues w/a mama like that. Their Dad made a good move.

    Here’s to Radiation sickness for those cowboys like he was saying. They won’t be doing much of anything very soon.

    Long drawn out movie. Too many Scenes of that hussy.
    I’ve known good people who had bad consequences n ended up like her. She never knew what she had until it was gone!!