Michigan Football news and rumors following Jim Harbaugh’s Wolverines big 21-17 comeback win over Penn State yesterday. James Yoder has dug into what Michigan football fans are saying on Twitter, Michigan football facebook, blogs, and tv/radio and brings you 5 big-time overreaction to the #6 Michigan Wolverines on Sunday morning November 14, 2021. Make sure to Subscribe to the channel for more Michigan Football videos on YouTube from @Chat Sports. Email jersey@chatsports.com to get hooked up with today’s promotional deal with our presenting partner! Jim Harbaugh’s press conference yesterday was an upbeat one, and Yoder is upbeat himself on today’s Michigan Football Report.

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James Yoder’s Michigan Football Overreaction Sunday Topics Below – Follow Yoder on Twitter for daily Michigan football news & rumors: https://twitter.com/jamesyoder
#1: Michigan is Cade McNamara’s Team Now. But, Yoder asks: What did you do when Cade fumbled in 4th?
#2: Comeback SZN? Jim Harbaugh gets a come-from-behind 4th quarter win on the road vs. a AP ranked team!
#3: Aidan Hutchinson & David Ojabo Are Michigan Football Legends
#4: Josh Gattis and the Michigan offense: No Field Goals… I’ll Take It

Michigan Football schedule: Final 2 Games
@ Maryland (11/20/2021)
vs. Ohio State (11/27/2021)

Michigan Football @ Maryland: Predict The Score

Michigan Wolverines Football at Maryland Terrapins
Saturday 11/13/21 at 3:30p on Big Ten Network (BTN)

Michigan football fans – Comment BEAT OHIO STATE below!

Which Wolverines DE will be a higher pick in 2022 NFL Draft? If Aidan Hutchinson – Type AH or David Ojabo – Type DO

Michigan Football Sack Record: LaMarr Woodley, 2006 with 12. Aidan Hutchinson & David Ojabo are 1st Michigan teammates w/ 10+ sacks in same season!

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29 thought on “Michigan Football OVERREACTION Sunday: Cade McNamara’s Team? Hutchinson & Ojabo Are Legends | News”
  1. So glad Michigan won this game. Thought they would lose all week….Good to see them sticking with Cade, FGattis & Harbaugh O play calling is still the biggest problem with this team. Still need to BOSA and win the bowl game to be a successful season.

  2. “He did have that one crucial fumble in the 4th quarter” …

    Which I don’t put blame on Cade for. His blind side tackle flat out didn’t block his guy. Dude was hit basically when he hit his final drop back step. You don’t have a clock started yet. You don’t have a feel for the pocket yet. You expect your tackle to AT LEAST put his hands on the guy and impede him SOMEWHAT. That was the worst excuse for blocking I’ve seen in a long, long time.