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No parent wants to see their child uncomfortable or in pain, which is why growing pains are no fun for both kids and adults.
If you’re looking for an at-home remedy for growing pains, you may be wondering if aromatherapy can help, and our experts are on the case.
After all, growing up is painful enough.
In today’s blog, our experts discuss facts about growing pains (they may not be pains caused by growing after all!

What Are Growing Pains?

Most commonly experienced between the ages of 3-5 and 8-12, growing pains most often occur when a child is growing.
However, there is no evidence that growing causes pain.
Rather, doctors believe that growing pains are likely linked to restless leg syndrome (RLS) or muscle pain from daily play and activities.
It’s also believed that children who experience growing pains may have a low pain tolerance.
Growing pains tend to strike in the late afternoon or at night and may feel like:
Aching and throbbing in both legs
Pain in the calves, thighs and behind the knees
Urge to move legs
Abdominal discomfort
It’s important to note that growing pains most often occur in both legs, not just one.

Can Essential Oils Help With Growing Pains?
Whether the cause is sore muscles or restless legs, growing pains may be easily combated with a few helpful essential oils.

Here us our top pick.


Gentle yet effective, numerous studies have shown that Lavender helps to powerfully reduce pain.
One randomized controlled trial, for example, combined acupressure massage with Lavender oil on subjects with chronic back pain.
The study concluded that Lavender oil massage was an effective treatment for back pain.
A separate trial studied the effect that Lavender oil hand massages had on participants with chronic pain, and again, the Lavender massage was found to reduce chronic pain.
Lavender oil can be paired with other essential oils for pain, or diluted to 1% and massaged onto your child’s legs at night for premium relief.


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