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7 thought on “BIG NEWS!! Paramount Is DONE With Transformers Movies?”
  1. Forgot to mention that, this could just be all a reaction to the Pandemic. By next year they may want the complete opposite, just look at Venom. Sony delayed it to next year, but brought it back to release in October, since more people started going to the cinemas/theatres again after Shang-chi came out.

  2. I was really happy to hear that news from you and Hasbro decide to choose the studios like Universal or Sony that is Hasbro point and also we hope that Transformers: Rise of the beasts will be good if I was right.

  3. Paramount is not for Hasbro. They are just want to generate money by any way, they didn't care of the future. So, Hasbro should leave, after contract expires. Hasbro have a better option in the market. It will be big jackpot for TF fans if Hasbro makes contract with Marvel, but Universal and Sony are also good options. Moreover, Hasbro already have a contract with universal for TF theme parks, may be Universal & Hasbro would get into contract. But I'm very excited about Hasbro's next step..